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Seclabs security assessment provides a unique three layered assessment which uncovers 60% more vulnerability as compared to our competitors.

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In the web application security assessment, we provide assurance that your internal-external API and all the application layers are secured. When we conducts web application security assessments, we validate that your applications are secured by identifying known vulnerabilities, and Zero-Day vulnerabilities as well, and by providing threat and risk identification, consequences of exploitation and expert guidance and recommendations of what your organization should specifically do to improve the overall security posture of an application. Web services and API are the middleware to connect system and business operations. They are highly targets by the hackers.

Our security assessment is followed by these three approaches:


  • Scanning of IPs
  • Removing False Positives
  • Scanning Open & Filtered Ports
  • Analyzing Application/Services


  • Advisories For Known Vulnerabilities
  • Checking For Exportability
  • Modifying The Exploits (Shell Code)
  • Running Proof Of Concept Exploits


  • Manual Fuzzing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Simulated Code Analysis
  • Encryption Cracking

Value Added Services:


  • Issue details and Risk levels
  • Evidences of vulnerabilities/li>
  • Remedial suggestions


  • Criss / Issue support and Training
  • Submission of Threat Advisories
  • Port Remediation Assessment


Internal and external network security is the most essential requirement of all new network designs. Secure network device architecture allows for greater network segmentation, better logging and monitoring, more detailed access controls, prevention of single bit of failure. Network and device infrastructure and architecture security is the main key of enterprise security, so all the network devices and services must be well secured and appropriately designed.

We provide consultants that perform detailed analysis on your current network architecture and identify all the vulnerabilities by using our modern comprehensive approach to ensure malicious unauthorized people do not gain access to critical information.


Discover all network vulnerabilities: Detailed analysis of the current network architecture uncovers security holes.

Preventing unauthorized access to critical information: Modern comprehensive approach to keep attackers out.

Expert recommendations: It will include a Network Infrastructure & Architecture Security Assessment Technical Report, with a Network Infrastructure & Architecture Security Assessment Presentation. We will guide your technical team for using best practices with expert recommendations for maintaining security standards to design secure network architecture.


Firewall plays leading role in securing networks and its mandatory component of network security. However, misconfigurations, poor policies, and faulty deployment architectures can lead to a false sense of security. Firewall configuration sets require an time-to-time review to make sure that proper protection is being performed. Inherited setting which are no longer required or not in use should be removed; all active firewall rules must be follow the principal of least privilege.

In firewall security assessment we provides guarantee that critical access control mechanisms are in place, aligned with cleanup rules, optimized network performance using the best practices. We review all the firewall devices set on network and cross check the rules sets of these devices. Create a network map based on the configurations to provide the most accurate network map possible. We identify router/firewall configuration settings vulnerabilities by base-lining the configurations against relevant regulations and prevailing good practice. During the assessment our security experts directly contact with the network administrators so that they can fully understand your network and its vulnerabilities. Our teams have a well experience in all the top firewall devices like FortiGate, Cisco etc.


Ensure your first line of defense.

Comply with industry best practices and expert rule sets.

Expert recommendations


In penetration testing we evaluate the effectiveness of the information security infrastructure and identify the weakness by safely attempting to exploit system vulnerabilities, including Operating System, service and application flaws, misconfigurations, and even risky end-user behavior. Such assessments are also useful in validating the efficacy of defensive mechanisms, as well as end-users adherence to security policies.

Our penetration testing approach performed using manual and automated technologies to compromise servers, web applications, network devices, wireless network devices, endpoints, firewalls, mobile devices etc. When a pen tester successfully exploits a vulnerability successfully then the attempts to use the compromised system to launch next exploits at other internal resources, by trying to incrementally achieve higher levels of security clearance and deeper access to electronic assets and information.


Network Penetration Testing: In this we conducts network scan for clients at year around coverage, in this test conduct we further attempt to exploit any vulnerability found by the network scan and other mechanism to eliminate any false positives. We also work on newly discovered 0-day vulnerability and already known vulnerabilities.Testing we perform in network penetration testing.

Application Penetration Testing: Application penetration testing are designed to identify exploitable information security vulnerabilities with the specific computer programs and web applications, architecture design including operating systems, terminals, windows and linux terminals, database and other programs etc.