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Seclabs & Systems is India's one of the fastest growing company which provide Cyber Security to top enterprise customers globally.

About The Company

Seclabs is the team of highly innovative and dedicated security researchers. We work attentively to keep our customers information secured. We build products and services that make sure the critical data and resources are safe & protected. Within one year we've established a stable client base with many satisfying corporate and government clients.

We're well connected with the information & security ecosystem of the country, which is our main domain.

Seclabs has distinguished itself with quality deliverables to its client. Therefore, having established the cashcow business, we're targeting to build the next-gen products and services.

Some Facts About Our Expertise

Security Assessment

Seclabs Security assessment provides a unique three layered assessment which uncovered 60% more vulnerability as compared to our competitors.

Anti-Piracy Protection

Seclabs affordable, effective, comprehensive and Advanced Anti-Piracy protection prevent the distribution and download of pirated digital content online.

Cloud Security Softwares

Seclabs secures your network devices and web apps against cyber attacks while keeping track of illegal/malicious activity on the network.

Forensic Science

Our main goal of forensic science is to identify, gather, secure, and analyze data. Thus making report with the extracted evidence for presentation in a legal form.

Mobile Security

We provide security to your valuable corporate data on personal and corporate owned device using secure mobile tools and applications.

Social Network Security

We provide social network security to mitigate identity theft, & phishing attacks; thus safe-guarding your online presence.

Research & Innovation

Seclabs has its own Research and Innovation wing dedicated on discovering new vulnerabilities and zero day exploits and developing ML/AI, cryptographic algorithms.

Security Softwares

Our highly innovative security researchers are expert in vulnerability testing, cryptography and encryption algorithms; we provide security software & security assurance to our clients.

Managed Security Services

We provide managed security services to reduce your security risk to your digital asset like networks infrastructure, web applications, database and mobility.

Meet Our Team Leads

Shesh Sarangdhar

Shesh Sarangdhar

CEO, Founder
VP - Innovations
Nandakishore Harikumar

Nandakishore Harikumar

VP Operations & Public Relations
Naveen MK

Naveen MK

Chief Operating Officer
Col. Dahiya

Col. Dahiya

Process Head
Rushen HSS Chahal

Dr. Rushen HSS Chahal

Advisor, Strategy & Innovation
Vijay Anand

Vijay Anand

Head of Internet Security Research Team
Siddhant Jaiswal

Siddhant Jaiswal

Big Data & Machine Learning
Siddharth Shankar

Siddharth Shankar

Big Data & Social Network Analytics